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ez online pharmacy buy viagra usa Verve Yoga is a therapeutic yin yoga style practice. This creates a deep feeling of well being, vitality, clarity and relaxation. Verve helps to balance one’s circulation while eliminating muscle stiffness, reducing tension, relieving fatigue and supports the immune system.

Karen incorporates poses and positions that help strengthen, stretch and elongate the meridians in the client’s body. A meridian is a pathway that carries energy that nourishes the body. Imbalances in each client’s meridian system are created when energy stagnates. Verve Yoga is an effective tool for preventing and treating an imbalance by awakening the receiver’s own healing powers.

Verve Yoga is offered Privately and Semi-Privately from one person to small groups gathered together to share the energy!


VerveKids™ YOGA

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This is a yoga class designed to meet the needs of today’s children. VerveKids combines traditional yoga poses with Qi Gong movement exercises, music, art and healthy lifestyle information. VerveKids Yoga is dedicated to providing not only an exercise class, but also a wellness experience that will last a lifetime.

VerveKids Yoga is offered: Privately, Schools, After School Programs

Contact Karen for Yoga Schedules and Pricing!




Contact Karen to schedule a session


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Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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