Lee Family 2Karen Shea is an entrepreneurial, self motivated and responsible strategist with a 26 year span of achievement in various work environments. She has demonstrated success in the fast paced corporate training arena as well as conceptualizing and building a wellness business; adept at actively managing change as a mother of three boys. Some would describe her as confident and poised in interactions with individuals at all levels, detail oriented, and knows the importance of differentiating between multi tasking and focus tasking. Karen is an excellent communicator, skilled organizer and creative problem solver. Her passion for learning, sharing and all things, food & travel related inspired many adventures around the world where one could say her calm demeanor, good humor and enthusiasm under pressure are what makes her a true lover of life, living each day to the fullest and offering her best everyday! Her desire is to bring her vast experiences, passion for wellness and share it with others who are open and ready to live The Verve Difference.

Working in a “virtual office” in 1995 as a Corporate Trainer at the time was cutting edge stuff but Karen adapted to her virtual environment as she learned and trained for company proprietary software and communication programs. She spent seven years developing courses along with related syllabus, curriculum and materials, coordinated logistical needs of training sessions and procured employee/client feedback for training evaluation. This time period was also one of trying new things and allowing for time to pursue dreams which led to becoming a certified Mind-Body Yoga Instructor. As her family grew and wanderlust prevailed, she quit her job, sold her house and together with her growing family traveled for an extended time to Ireland, Italy, Singapore and Australia! Not the first or the last of many travel jaunts! Enjoying time freedom and flexibility she delved into motherhood and her growing passion for yoga, meditation and practiced with teachers along the way, experiencing new cultures and teaching styles while deepening her personal practice.

Returning to Boston Karen started teaching Yoga, combining her strengths from the corporate world with her teaching experience in yoga, Verve Yoga was born in 2002. Through the years she was certified in Foundations to Energy Healing including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Vibrational Touch and Energetic Approaches. Through Verve Yoga Karen has offered services across many business parallels including insurance companies, independent living facilities, spas and health clubs. She contracts with companies and educational institutions to provide wellness solutions for their employees and students. In 2004, Karen was certified in “Color Me Yoga for Children” and has enjoyed teaching children throughout the years at homes, birthday parties, schools and after school programs!

Always eager to learn something new and share, Karen’s love for food and cooking blended well with her philosophy that food is a healing agent and when prepared and eaten with reverence you are nurturing your whole being. Karen began offering whole food nutritional cleanses and is now an urban farmer, growing her own produce on her roof deck using her aeroponic vertical growing system called the Tower Garden.

Verve Yoga is again evolving and The Verve Difference is emerging! It is not so much a company or a service, as it is a movement, one where we move forward together sharing our passions and taking responsibility for our lives, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Come join me!

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