The Verve Difference grows naturally from my daily quest for vibrancy in my mind, body and soul. I blend and twist my passions for yoga, whole foods, and a quiet mind to be the best me I can and to share with you my way. I hope you enjoy my journey and if you want to join in on any level I would love to adventure on with you to make each day a good feeling, happy, and healthy day!


What I’m Enjoying Most, NOW!

Urban Farming, from Tower to Table

I love practicing yoga and I love teaching yoga. I spend hours each week in meditation, sometimes alone and at other times sharing that space with clients. My nutritional offerings are as much for my family, and me as they are for all those that join in my seasonal cleanse and try each day to eat clean and nutritionally valuable food.

BUT no matter which of my passions I am engaged in, nearly every thought trails back to the Tower Garden, I am an Urban Farmer and loving every minute of it. The joy of planting, harvesting, preparing, and eating my own homegrown food literally feeds my soul. This process resonates deeply within me and I am sharing it with my family, friends, schools and neighbors and touching lives and making a difference one person at a time. When 75% of disease can be eradicated by making changes in our diet then I have found my mission: Growing a healthier way to live!

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